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Fast-Paced, All-Styles Fighting Platform That Comes With Grit, Guts and Glory

Johannesburg, South Africa - 2016

Last Fighter Standing is a fighting concept that combines the best aspects of all fighting styles to create something completely new. Our vision is to give every fighter a chance to take their destiny into their own hands and fight their way to the top.


From the Kung Fu of Shaolin Monks, Jujutsu and Karate from the shores of Japan, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Russian military style combat of Sambo, through to today’s modern Karate, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts – LFS welcomes fighters of all fighting styles, from single-discipline pugilists to combination fighters.

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The carefully-defined rules of LFS draw on the history and complexity of martial arts and how they have evolved across the world. The rules provide fighters with an equal platform and the opportunity to showcase their cunning skills, style and stamina.



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With a limit of only 20 seconds on the ground, fighters have a chance to perform more all-rounded fights, having to display the best of their striking skills, as well as the best of their ground techniques due to the limited time on the ground. With 3 x 2-minute rounds, fighters will deliver a much more explosive performance, promising to deliver a higher rate of KO’s and spectacular ground and pound or submission finishes. Last Fighter Standing also has a 10-second fight action rule. This increases the pace of the fights as fighters have to perform within 10 seconds.

LFS has a unique hexagon-shaped ring with five ropes. This ensures that television viewers will not miss a second of pulse-pounding excitement and will have a chance to observe a fight from every angle

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Another exciting aspect of the sport is that there is absolutely no differentiation between male and female fighters when it comes to rules or purses, acknowledging the growing numbers of top-notch female fighters worldwide. The prize money is equal in each weight division for both the male and female winners and thus acknowledging efforts and determination of both genders, equally. Female fighters will finally get the recognition that they deserve.

Our events are an opportunity for both amateurs and professionals to further their careers and showcase their talent, as well as do something to grow the sport and help the community through local projects such as the recent gift drive for children and property renovation for those who can't afford to do it themselves. 

The Last Fighter Standing format is making waves around South Africa, and fighters from different styles have already proven themselves in the ring. The tournaments in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria have given us 16 winning warriors - male and female - who are preparing themselves for the fight of their lives on the 15th October, when the South African champions will be decided.

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The LFS reality TV show is proving very popular as the fans get to know the fighters and decide who they'll be backing for the final. With movie star and martial artist Michael Jai White as a host, the momentum is building ahead of the 15th October South Africa final. LFS is also looking beyond the South African shores and will be showcasing four established international fighters in a tournament of their own.

LFS holds nothing back. It demands everything that fighters have to offer. For athletes, it is a chance to reach the pinnacle of their fighting career. For spectators, each round is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride like they have never experienced in the support of fighting.

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Hollywood Movie Star and Martial Artist Michael Jai White is the TV Host for the South African Reality TV Show.